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Author & Gamer

poet, author, playwright... and gamer grrl

Jennifer is the author of more than two dozen published novels, children's books, stage plays, film scripts, and poetry collections. Though she works primarily with words, her true love is mathematics and this feeds her work designing the complex probability and protocol systems that strategy games run on.

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Entrepreneur  |  Author & Gamer  |  Artist & Carpenter | Film Maker

Musician & Builder  |  Mother & Wife  |  Baker & Blender

Novels & Short Story Collections


Sarah's Dead

Dragon Storm

Sides of the Law

Escape to the Wind

Fall Through the Sky

Drinking Silver Wine

Jackie Falcon: Pride


For Myth, For Magic


Comics & Graphic Novels

By Any Means: Ada (Issue 1)

Under the Influence: Edge of Night (Issue 1)

Maria: Reciprocity (Issue 0)

Stage & Screen Plays

Ghost Sniffers, Inc. Season 1 (12 Episodes)


Jericho House

Deus for Daniel

At the Edge

Wild Words

Whalesong in My Latte


Sound Crossing

Some of Our Years


Poetry Collections

Seasons of Fire

Gazing at Angels

Children's Books

The Best Thing

Tonight I Heard the Ghost Cat

The Windchimes are Dancing Wild

Year of the Dragon

Yen Shei and the American Bonsai


Mardi Gras 3000 Trading Card Game

Baby Squirrel Trading Card Game

Let's Get This Party Started

What Are This?

[Top Photo: Jennifer on book tour, 1993.]

[Bottom Photo: Jennifer in Ohio, 1997.]


Author & Gamer

Artist & Carpenter

Musician & Builder

Mother & Wife

Baker & Blender

Film Maker