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Baker & Blender

fine baked goods, and even finer coffees and teas

Celebrating her Italian heritage, Jennifer created a line of biscotti cookies in six varieties -- espresso, white chocolate, vanilla, citrus sunrise, double chocolate, and exotic spice -- that ship nationally. Right now, Nona's Biscotti are only available by calling 360-550-2071 but an online ordering system will be added to this website in the spring of 2014.

Heralding from her own love of the mighty coffee bean as well as a respect for the finest exotic herbs and spices, Jennifer founded Cradle of Life Coffee in 2010. With nine amazing espresso varieties -- Black Cherry Chocolate; Classic Chocolate; Summer Peach; Citrus Symphony; Wild Harvest Berries; Mint Melody; Autumn Spice; Exotic Blend, and Vanilla Morning -- that combine the rich earthiness of premium coffee with the vibrant flavors of the original herb and spice mixtures, Cradle of Life is a unique and delicious coffee/tea hybrid available online from Blue Artisans.

[Top Photo: Jennifer and her son, 2000.]

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Author & Gamer

Artist & Carpenter

Musician & Builder

Mother & Wife

Baker & Blender

Film Maker