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From September 14, 1994 to August 1, 2012, Jennifer was Chief Executive Officer of an independent publishing company. She was twenty-one when she purchased the private company (then called Pride Publications) for an undisclosed sum, buying out the collective that ran this niche press that had originally published her own early novels.

Jennifer was confident of her ability to lead and never considered building the company around a Board of Directors. Her firsthand experience with seemingly endless voting processes and panels of second-guessers did not appeal to her. Her vision was very clear and she was willing to bear the brunt of the risk. Jennifer's goal was nothing short of building an independent, mainstream press capable of publishing timeless books and games in multiple genres by both new and well-established authors.

Jennifer did recognize that her experience in the industry was not absolute, and that her young age and limited education at the time did not befit the journey she wanted to take. Within two weeks of finalizing the purchase, Jennifer secured degreed experts proven in their fields to fill the crucial roles of Senior Editor and Art Director.

"Jennifer has an ability to take in a vast array of facts and variables, very quickly, and make a decision that is both swift and accurate," says the press' former Senior Editor. "She is not afraid to face consequences and thrives on the type of conflict that I've personally seen immobilize other executives."

Jennifer launched the Mardi Gras 3000 brand for the publishing house in 2007. MG3K is built around a trading card game, novels and comics set in an angels and aliens mythology created by E.J. Angel and is extensive enough to support its own dedicated website and forum. Jennifer heads the MG3K efforts as the Brand Manager, and is also the designer of the operating system that runs the card game. Her patented operating system led to her subsequent founding of Stacked Games, a company that builds core game mechanics for complex card and board games.

In 2010, Jennifer opened Blue Artisans Design, a design firm of artisans working in a huge variety of the arts from portrait painting to baking to wood-working. Blue Artisans had been an independent company that the publishing house hired to do most of their book covers and other design work, but under Jennifer's ownership, Blue Artisans grew to symbolize the modern craftsmen and jack-of-all-trades.

In late 2011, Jennifer, with her wife Brianne, launched Blue Forge Productions to produce film and web series that put story first and empower people to transform their lives. The first series premiered by BFP was Ghost Sniffers, Inc., a thirty-minute dramedy that revolves around a nine-year-old girl with Type 1 diabetes and the ability to sniff out ghosts and other paranormal creatures. The series expanded to explore the "what-if" that children with disabilities might have super human powers, as if their bodies are compensating or adjusting for their physical challenge. The series stars Jennifer's real-life children, Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco and Maxwell Kier DiMarco, who live with Type 1 and Asperger's, respectively.

[Top Photo: Jennifer on the North Carolina coast, 1995.]

[Bottom Photo: Jennifer at home, 2010.]


Author & Gamer

Artist & Carpenter

Musician & Builder

Mother & Wife

Baker & Blender

Film Maker