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writing, directing, filming... she's a juggler

In 2011, Jennifer and Brianne decided to launch Blue Forge Productions, named after the color of the sky above their forest home and a café in Seattle they discovered one blustery day. The idea of a forge where new voices in film could craft their visions was appealing to them as artists and writers. Soon, the entire family was involved -- literally. To date, eleven family members have appeared in BFP's first series, Ghost Sniffers, Inc. -- Eleanor DiMarco, Joseph DiMarco, Joannie DiMarco, Angela DiMarco, David S. Hogan, Carol DiMarco, Connie Wurm, Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco, and Maxwell Kier DiMarco... as well as Jennifer and Brianne themselves and almost all the dogs, cats, and stick bugs in the family!

Jennifer sees herself primarily as a writer at BFP though she does direct many of the productions and often serves as the cinematographer. For the company's first foray, Ghost Sniffers, Inc., a dramedy that empowers children with disabilities by "what-if"ing a reality where their conditions grant them super powers, Jennifer wrote all twelve of the Season 1 episodes, directing and filming each one, and working as the music director for nine episodes.

In 2012, BFP began offering aspiring new film makers cinematography, editing and other services, at a fraction of the industry rate. Their goal is to make art affordable for every artist. For film makers who need a little storytelling help, BFP also introduced a sixteen-class online workshop series for aspiring web series creators called Forge It!

[Top Photo: Jennifer on the set, 2012.]

[Bottom Photo: Maxwell and Faith DiMarco as their characters on Ghost Sniffers, Inc.]

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