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Mother & Wife

one serious mother with high expectations… and a huge heart

No one is an island unto themselves and often we are only as strong as the family that supports us. The daughter of a U.S. Army sergeant and an acclaimed businesswoman, Jennifer's sister is stage and screen actress Angela DiMarco.

In the winter of 1999, Jennifer gave birth to her son, Maxwell Kier DiMarco. Almost always silent as an infant with huge blue eyes that match Jennifer's, Maxwell was diagnosed with autism at fourteen months. After extensive behavioral therapy and dietary intervention, Maxwell regained his ability to speak and was able to manage social interaction by the time he was four. Maxwell is now an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist, the author of two graphic novels and several short stories, and a daily blogger in his world of the furry super hero, Baby Squirrel. Starting in 2011, Maxwell also began acting in Ghost Sniffers, Inc. as Maxo (who is also Autistic) and his twin brother, Maximilian, a famous blogger.

Jennifer's daughter, Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco, was born on the same date as Jennifer's sister, Angela, in 2002, and has Angela's intense green-hazel eyes. Now, Faith is the principle actor in Ghost Sniffers, Inc., a gamer to be reckoned with, specializing in racing and multi-tasking strategy games on the N64, GameCube, Wii, and PC platforms. Before she was two years old, Faith's pancreas failed and she became a Type 1 diabetic. Taking Diabetes in stride, Faith is a tall and slender whip-cord of a little girl with a resilient, articulate, and pointed presence.

In the spring of 2008, author and illustrator Brianne DiMarco joined the family, adding a gentle humor and generous nature to the household. A lover of hiking and art, Brianne fit in perfectly and quickly found her place in book production, writing and illustrating for MG3K, and painting beautiful acrylic roses for Blue Artisans. One of Brianne's first major projects with Jennifer was illustrating a 60-page graphic novel set in the MG3K universe that Jennifer wrote. Starting in 2011, Brianne became the cinematographer for Ghost Sniffers, Inc.

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[Top Photo: Jennifer and her children, 2010]

[Top Photos: Maxwell, Faith, and Brianne, 2010]

[Bottom Photo: Jennifer and her son, 1999]


Author & Gamer

Artist & Carpenter

Musician & Builder

Mother & Wife

Baker & Blender

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