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making music to hear and touch with custom harps

Albums of Original Harp Compositions

Playing to Angels

Finding Our Sky

Now Then Forever

Thirty-one October Nights

The Lost Songs

Twenty-five Days of Christmas

Tied with a Silver Chain

Though involved with the Northwest Girls' Choir as a pre-teen, the art of making music escaped Jennifer until her mid-thirties when friends built her a lap harp and then an upright harp from scratch kits. Three albums of original compositions later, Jennifer's naturally analytical mind started to take apart the structure of various styles of harps. She now builds both raindrop lap harps in various themes -- solstice, steampunk, gothic -- and upright harps made from raw woods that she harvests from windfall and pruning. Jennifer calls this type of harvesting "harp hunting."

Below are photos of harps Jennifer designed and scratch-built. To order a custom-made raindrop harp, email Jennifer here. Raindrops start at just $175 and can be crafted with almost any design engraved into the body and a wide variety of soundhole covers.

[Top Photo: Jennifer playing her first harp.]

[Harp photos by Jennifer DiMarco.)

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Musician & Builder

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