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The Lost Songs

DiMarco's fourth collection of songs. Lost to production errors but still haunting.

Spring Seashore (4:39)

Lost Tuning

Incorrectly laid over this track is a mother reading "The Hobbit" to her children. Hm. Elfin harp perhaps?

Recorded May 29, 2009.

Time Shadow (3:11)

Lost Tuning

More chapters from "The Hobbit" murmur in the background. Galadriel, is that you?

Recorded May 30, 2009.

End Time Angels (7:12)

Lost Tuning

No reading in the background here. But repetitive clicks punctuate the track. What are the clicks? The harper's bling accidentally left on her hands.

Recorded November 10, 2009.

Storm Effect (4:14)

Lost Tuning

Once more, the harper's penchant for wearing sets of rings leaves the song with a chorus of gold and silver clicks.

Recorded November 17, 2009.

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