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Thirty-one October Nights

DiMarco's fifth collection. Composed one-a-day throughout October 2010.

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Own the entire collection on three cds -- more than three hours of music -- along with the 120-page color companion book of the musicians October photographs and her thoughts on each song (those shown below).

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1 October 2010

Drowning Deep (10:39)

Submersion Tuning

"After a hiatus from playing that lasted several months longer than I'd planned, I was nervous to start playing again. But the moment the mic was active I knew exactly what I wanted to play. I was captured by the idea of late summer impulses trying to wrest control from the rising depths of autumn and everything that comes after." Sample

2 October 2010

Simple Sky (7:23)

Submersion Tuning

"Taking a walk alone with my son's camera, I was curious to find the sky was a simple, very basic tone of blue. There were no clouds and no visible gradients of color. It impressed me as a very young sky." Sample

3 October 2010

Shadow Trees (9:26)

Submersion Tuning

"The wind rose something fierce and bent the trees that encircle the house. The moon, sky and clouds were lost behind the tangle of black tones as the trees danced." Sample

4 October 2010

Duality (8:09)

Submersion Tuning

"I have an undeniable affinity for autumn. It has a fascinating inherent duality with its cold wind and fiery colors of the leaves, the garden dying even as the lilac-colored crocuses push up past the bowed heads of the daisies. Someone said to me once that crocuses aren't meant to bloom in Octoberů yet there they are, year after year." Sample

5 October 2010

Moonlight Passage (5:44)

Submersion Tuning

"Out driving with the children at just past 9 in the evening, it was ink black in our rural area and we took a narrow, uncommon back-road lined with darkest evergreens. The trees bowed and pressed in from both sides, their tops touching, tangling. The sky was transformed into outlines of tree boughs, stark and strong. But through this false sky, unexpectedly, came occasional flashes of blue-white light. An ethereal moon spotting us with unearthly Morse Code." Sample

6 October 2010

Indigo Storm Front (8:52)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"The high hills nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountains create surprise vantage points with sweeping, expansive  views. Since home is among these hills, it isn't uncommon to be struck suddenly by vistas of seemingly endless sky. Such was the sight today when I reached the summit of one hill and saw a voluminous and roiling indigo storm front of clouds overtaking the sky like an invading force." Sample

7 October 2010

Sweet Burn (9:58)

Open Tuning

"The heavy winds and low, silver sky caught me remembering today. The concept of 'now' versus 'memory' seemed insubstantial and poorly proven. When memory can so strongly influence our current reality, it seems almost as if memory is the fourth dimension to our otherwise three dimensional 'now'." Sample

8 October 2010

Temperance Dancing (6:41)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"I dreamt of someone I don't know dancing on black ice. The sky was India ink studded with white diamond stars and it met and melted into the black ice earth seamlessly. The dancer moved in slow motion, seemingly freed from the joints and bones that the rest of us humans are hampered by. I woke and it was still dark outside, so far from dawn that the hour was impossible to tell." Sample

9 October 2010

Nina's Ark (6:26)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"The rain continues. It follows no pattern but its own. It washes the windows, the roofs, the leaves. It floods the drive and the yard. A raccoon, soaked through and looking more rat than coon, blinks at me from beneath the azalea bush. Brief walks outside result in crowns of curls dripping rain all over the hardwood floors. The sky's elixir keeps sneaking inside." Sample

10 October 2010

Dante's Lover (5:21)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"After previewing this song for a friend, she asked who the other musician was accompanying me and what instrument they were playing. The truth is that the song is only one track, one musician, and one instrument -- just like all the others. The difference heard here is the ability of a soft pick to exert an aggressive nature into the music. This was my first use of a pick and I really like the result. There is an (almost) uncontrolled chaos to the music with whispers of eastern influence." Sample

11 October 2010

Stained Glass Palette (5:13)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"My mother would say I began life as a poet, reciting memorized poetry from my crib. I grew to be a novelist, then fell into painting and, finally, into the harp. Each medium of expression enriched the last and never replaced the previous so they all fit like a fine sculpture. The concept (though not the reality) of a palette made of stained glass fascinates me." Sample

12 October 2010

Cloisonne Fountain Pen (10:01)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"The ancient art of cloisonne delighted me as a child but it was firmly a child's love affair. Cloisonne figures and jewelry were (albeit beautiful) only knick-knacks and curiosities. Then a friend sent me a picture from a street fair. A cloisonne fountain pen. It was as if someone told me that eating candy would make me immortal. The delight of a child suddenly made so useful." Sample

13 October 2010

Missing Angel (6:30)

Ventus Oriens Tuning

"Like 'Dante's Lover' where I used a pick for the first time, I gave myself permission with 'Missing Angel' to actually finish the song in post-production. Tweaking the amplification, echo, and adding a wet phase filter to select segments helped me create a lightly futuristic atmosphere and a cool bouncing effect that listeners will either love or hate as it adds a different dimension to the music, demanding more attention to the music and closing out the casual listener." Sample

14 October 2010

Paper Flowers Family Tree (7:10)

Ionian Tuning

"When my great grandmother came to America, she sold tissue paper flowers on the corner in New York City. She was barely sixteen. What a difference she must have found leaving Sicily behind for the pace of an America growing at record speeds. I am, admittedly, a protective and possessive person, though my code of conduct is strangely devoid of jealously. I suppose I'm just proud of my family name and everything she folded into those paper flowers." Sample

15 October 2010

Audience of One (6:32)

Ionian Tuning

"The Schrodinger equation is true for music (after all, isn't music the sound of math and science married?) as any audience changes the tone and mood of the song. I find myself more critical of my playing when I have an audience, more aware of my transitions and attempts to create a cohesive soundscape. But, at the same time, it's nice not to be alone." Sample

16 October 2010

Waning Moon (5:56)

Ionian Tuning

"The moon is invisible tonight, whether waxing or waning. But the sense of autumn fading before the force of winter is both prevalent and pervasive. I stare a long time into the darkness of the midnight forest that surrounds the house. If autumn were a stag, standing ruddy gold in the tree-shaped shadows, than winter is the black bear just beyond him." Sample

17 October 2010

First Frost Whispers (6:38)

Ionian Tuning

"The extreme cold creeps under every door and through the glass panes of the picture windows, reminding me how glass is closer to a liquid than a solid. Silver-blue daytime sky or ink-black night sky, the cold fills the space in between and only when I play does it seem to lessen, maybe pushed back by the small tide of rising music." Sample

18 October 2010

Willow Tree (4:36)

Lost Tuning

"The land here is too rich in clay and too well drained to grow willow trees but sometimes I imagine that the swaying birch boughs, bending down between the spruce and cedar, are indeed willows. There was a willow tree that grew in a playground near a home where I grew up. The idea that the leaves fell like a woman's hair fascinated me and the tree became personified as a companion and friend." Sample

19 October 2010

Hike to Second Beach (14:21)

Lost Tuning

"Long before sparkly vampires or hunky werewolves, the La Push stretch of coastline has been my go-to place for reflection, romance, discovery, and relaxation. I've spent a weekend or more vacationing there every year since I was sixteen. Sometimes, when life takes a turn for the hectic and stress abounds, I just stop and imagine the mile hike down to the stacks and coves of Second Beach; there's never been a hike with more satisfying visual pay off." Sample

20 October 2010

Summer Child (5:32)

Lost Tuning

"A rare day of brilliant white-gold sun paints the entire property in light. From inside the house, looking out into the surrounded yard, courtyard and forest, I can imagine it's summer. Though autumn is, by far, my favorite month, it amazes me how easily autumn can masquerade as something (some time) else." Sample

21 October 2010

The Orchard Slept (6:58)

Angel Tuning

"The orchard looks ready for winter. The plum, apple and cherry trees are bone bare, their yellow, orange and brown leaves scattered like dragon scales across the ground. Rain runs along the pebbled groves between the trees and runs into the depths of the woods. The orchard slumbers while autumn holds reign." Sample

22 October 2010

Crown of Birch (5:31)

Angel Tuning

"In the center of the crowd of evergreens, a lone birch stands even older than they are. The drapes of small, heart-shaped leaves hang now in the ever-present rain, dripping diamond teardrops onto the surrounding pine needles. Birch is the symbol of commitment and marriage. In a world of eternal green, this white-gold lady stands faithfully." Sample

23 October 2010

Sleeping Tigers (7:14)

Angel Tuning

"Springtime saw me turning heavy clay and sorting stones, then carting in rich garden soil to tenderly plant sixty tiger lilies. The bulbs were like quail eggs in their cloth bag, rolling into my hands and then into the earth. They grew in eight colors, gracing summer and into early-autumn before they dropped their glamorous ribbon petals and transformed into auburn-gold  staffs circled with feathers of leaves." Sample

24 October 2010

Lay You Down (6:41)

Angel Tuning

"I am the first to admit that I have a love affair with my land. My own one-acre wood with the house at the center, more picture windows than walls. The forest is allowed to press against every glass pane as if she is a presence living inside with me. So when the sugar maples lay down during a wind storm three years back, their roots still interlaced beneath the floorboards but their trunks and boughs now crawling, undulating horizontal across the mossy yard, it never occurred to me to remove them. They were, after all, still alive and well. They had simply changed their perspective." Sample

25 October 2010

Johnny Appleseed (4:27)

Angel Tuning

"I once asked my grandfather, what did Johnny Appleseed do when he wasn't planting apple trees. He thought a moment, Indiana boy that he was, and answered with a shrug, I suppose he played the banjo. So today's song was for Johnny, played with a Stagg, 0.71 mm cobalt blue banjo pick." Sample

26 October 2010

Hello, Rain (6:19)

Angel Tuning

"After a long, dry summer -- so uncharacteristic for the Pacific Northwest -- autumn's tides wash over the land and sky day after night after day. This is how I remember growing up. This is the weather that seems right to me. Like a friend, the low silver clouds share everything they hold precious." Sample

27 October 2010

Mourning Glories, Morning Doves (6:54)

Angel Tuning

"And the rain continues. The early morning is blanketed in fog. I haven't slept yet so dawn feels like not a start but a change in lighting. Virgin-white morning glories nestle in the ribbons of wet emerald meadow grass and from the blue spruce a mourning dove, silver as the cloud-heavy sky, calls in the coming day. The scene is serene. Beautiful. I have heard Pacific Northwest autumns called lonely, melancholy. I think my heart-strings are strung differently." Sample

28 October 2010

Helena in Gold (9:33)

Angel Tuning

"Dreaming while the rain thunders on the roof and skylights, while the pewter sky sinks down to bend the treetops over with a shared burden as wet as the sea. A woman moves through a darkened cabin, the ocean crashing, an autumn storm waging outside picture windows. She lights candles in every room. A gold silk wrap shimmers around her, a living flame, it allows her to light the candles without a match." Sample

29 October 2010

Lara's Dreaming (6:01)

Division Tuning

"This tuning transported me so far away from October and the autumn storm pressing at the hematite window panes. I think I fell asleep still playing. I found myself in open meadow, prairie grass to my chest, warm wind in my long hair. At the edges of my vision there is a wood circling and blue-purple mountains. This is my entire world and I am at perfect harmony." Sample

30 October 2010

Dark Doubt Hunting (6:08)

Division Tuning

"How do you write music about something unpleasant? It should be discordant, yes? Hard to listen to? Almost. It should have a hard edge, abrupt truths, and most of all unflattering honesty. The illogical fears that haunt us. The colder the nights, the darker the nights, the easier they seem to find us." Sample

31 October 2010

The Last Night (8:26)

Division Tuning

"Division Tuning gives me almost two complete (and very different) harps in one. I wanted to try to wed these two sounds and while I was playing I wasn't pleased with the result. But after, I realized that I should always trust my hands to know the music better than my ears. Maybe this is why I will never truly consider myself a musician. A craftsman. An artisan. But not a musician." Sample

"Every journey is worth taking."

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