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Twenty-five Days of Christmas

DiMarco's sixth album. Blending other instruments and voice with harp.

The First Day of Christmas: Come, My Way (9:38)

Four-string Tuning

Recorded December 1, 2010.  After spending several formidable years with the Seattle Girl's Choir as a teen-ager, I gained enough confidence and comfort that I sang for my son for an hour every night, for his first three years. But confidence and comfort are not the same thing as competence and certainly no measure of expertise. However, I do love to sing. In the spirit of my "raw harp" albums that came before this Christmas collection, I decided to push myself and add vocals… and still always record the first take -- no practice, no layered tracks, no do-overs. Though not perfect, I like the final result of this first song and, as the lyrics were inspired by the medieval wedding song that I sang for my parents' wedding, I think there's no better place to begin a musical journey.  Sample

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This song-a-day project in December of 2010 was called to a halt due to unforeseen technical difficulties that arose. We hope that DiMarco will return to the collection in 2011!

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